Margaret Darcher Kimberly Jacobs Orange Marmalade

Merchandising a Store

We decided that both the pop-up shop and the ecommerce shop would be merchandised by color/print, by category of item (home, accessories, stationary, or surprise!), or by showing one item in all of the colors/prints in which it comes. Here is a scale model of these merchandising methods.

Margaret Darcher Orange Marmalade Site Map

Site Map

In order to set up the Orange Marmalade site, I need to establish the information architecture, or how the content will be organized. I made this site map in order to figure it out.


Shipping & Shopping!

This week Kim and I finished up designing our shipping and shopping collateral. We designed the packing slip, a thank you card, a surprise card for a gift order, a shipping box, paper shopping bags, and canvas shopping bags. Next week we put them all into production!

Orange Marmalade signage

We have signage!

We have now created a modular signage system. We have half letter price point signs which can be combined with letter sized toppers. We have a small intimate business card sized sign for small items. We have a framed sign to call out product categories, key items, or new product launches. All signs can be printed on letter sized paper on an ink jet printer for quick signing needs that would arise when setting up a pop-up shop. In using the reclaimed frames, a faux matte painted is painted on the inside of the glass with a opening of 7.5″ x 10″. This ensures that any sized frame larger than 8.5″ x 11″ could be used in this manner.

orange marmalade stationery suite

Stationery Suite

This week we completed our stationery suite. Shown is our letterhead, side-opening envelope, and business card example. As co-founders of our fictional company, we each get our own Orange Marmalade motif on the back of our cards. Each department of our fictional company (warehouse/logistics, web, buyers, etc.) would have a specific motif as well for their business cards. We plan to letterpress the business cards on cream stock and paint the edges our OM yellow. Letterhead and envelopes will be on cream stock as well.