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Overview: The future of publishing will be primarily online. In order for the industry to survive, online publications will have to engage their readers with robust content presented in an intriguing way using a profitable business model.

Problem: Build an online magazine, or blogazine, incorporating a realistic business model. Create original layouts and designs customized to the content of each story, or post, to captivate users and keep them coming back for new content.

Solution: A responsive vintage fashion and shopping blogazine built on the WordPress platform called Trove. The strategy of Trove is to bring the reader a variety of content related to vintage shopping and design inspiration inclucing interviews, photographs, and videos. Trove sources exclusive content, as well as sponsors’ paid content in the form of native advertising.

Trove User

This is Rita, a 28 year old graduate student who loves the thrill of the hunt. To her, finding an exclusive item is just as exciting as wearing it. Her fashion philosophy is “more is more,” and she builds her wardrobe around special, one-of-a-kind finds. She likes distressed items that have a “lived in” look. She shops online, at specialty boutiques, and thrift shops. Her favorite vintage find is a pair of 1970’s oxblood Etienne Aigner stack heeled boots.

Margaret Darcher Trove Vintage Fashion Blogazine User what's in her purse

Homepage  (Visit Site)

On the homepage, I wanted to structure the content so that the user would quickly get a look at a featured story with an alluring hero image. Next they would clearly see the main areas of content: interviews, features and shopping. Each story has a featured image and exerpt to draw the reader into the content.

Margaret Darcher Trove Responsive Blogazine Homepage

Sample Story Page  (Visit Site)

I created a unique post template for each type of story specifically tailored to suit the content. In order to drive traffic to the site, I included social sharing buttons on each story.


Deals Page  (Visit Site)

In addition to the sponsored content, I also created a “deals” page as a revenue stream for Trove. Sponsors could offer exclusive deals for readers, who are already excited about shopping, that would be endorsed by the Trove brand.

Margaret Darcher Trove Responsive Blogazine Deals Page