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Margaret Darcher John Harris Grain Control Custom Woodworking Logo

Overview: Grain Control is a custom woodworking company based out of Brooklyn, NY specializing in made to order furniture and built-ins constructed primarily of reclaimed wood.

Problem: Design a logo, identity system, and website to express the quality and hand-crafted nature of the brand in a contemporary way.

Solution: A logo and website with bold, minimal design that brings the focus on the images of the client’s work. Social media icons should be prioritized, as the client uses these platforms heavily for promotion.

Results: The results of the website as well as social media strategy have been positive for the client. Grain Control received a large contract with an oversees company which found them through the website.

Portfolio Page  (Visit Site)

The portfolio page of the site was the most important to the client. I used a slideshow with thumbnail selector to showcase the work, while giving the user control of the images viewed.

Margaret Darcher John Harris Grain Control Portfolio Responsive Web Design

Services Page  (Visit Site)

The client wasn’t sure what should be on the ‘Services’ page. I chose to feature his architectural drawings in order to inform the user of the added value Grain Control provides by customizing work for the user’s space. The drawings also help potential customers know that great care and precision is taken in the design of each piece.

Margaret Darcher John Harris Grain Control Responsive Web Design Services

Identity Collateral

In creating the logo and identity system for Grain Control, I combined contemporary typography and vintage illustration to achieve a modern look with a nod to the past. The client wanted a small monogrammed version of the logo to use for stickers on his tools, so used a similar shape for these as I used in the larger logo.

Margaret Darcher John Harris Grain Control Custom Woodworking Business Cards Logo
Margaret Darcher John Harris Grain Control Identity System Tools Logo Sticker